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Weighment is critical. There is hardly any industry or trade where weighing or counting is not involved at one stage or the other. Shortage in weights can result in statutory punishments, customer dissatisfaction, whereas excess weight can result in the erosion of profits. Hence, accurate weighment is the key solution to many weighting requirements.

With this concept and conviction in mind, On 2nd October 1999 M/s, Accuracy Maintainer was created by Sri Sukhdev Raj Sansoha. propritor of Vijoy Scales & Co for providing better service for Electronic Weighing scales & weighbridges in North East Region

Accuracy maintainer is properitorship from. The name of the properitor is Ashok Kumar Sansoha

Accuracy Maintainer has supplied weighing scales and weighbridges in entire north east region to various government and government undertaking concerns as well as private firm and industries. With experience of more than 45 years in weighing line in north east region as well its service and maintenance Accuracy Maintainer became dealer of Essae Digitronics Pvt Ltd and Unique Power Technologies.

At Accuracy Maintainer we are committed to providing the best weighing scales and related weighing equipment to meet your requirements at affordable prices.

Accuracy Maintainer have range of weighing scales and weighbridges, suitable for all types of industrial, laboratory, educational, commercial and retail weighing.

With counting scales, precision scales and balances, bench and floor scales, animal weighing scales and industrial scales, we have your needs covered.

We specialize in analytical and precision laboratory balances and provide a wide range scientific scales for high-precision weighing.



Respect Humanity.
Harmonies and Humanise work.
Serve humanity by offering to the people of north east India, products of best quality, high value, prompt delivery and quick and efficient service.