• All Stainless Steel Rugged Enclosure.
  • Tamper Proof Unit has built in flush type locking facility with two keys. Indicator components cannot be accessed without these keys.
  • Tamper Proof Unit houses the Junction Box PCB, which will prevent unauthorized access to the junction box trim-pots for weight adjustment/tampering.
  • Tamper Proof Unit has option for housing Input / Output card’s/relays used for Boom Barrier operation/ Vehicle Positioning systems etc.
  • Inbuilt cooling fan provided with side ventilating fins.
  • Existing TM 950 & TM 960 indicators can be retro fitted in case of up-gradation.
  • All incoming cables are routed through Pull proof double compression IP 68 PG glands.
  • Indicator creates indelible log file to record any specification setting & calibration changes.